Woman makes 'single and sexy' sign to get power back on after hurricane

FORT MYERS, Florida -- Thousands of people are still without power in Florida weeks after Hurricane Irma hit.

A Fort Myers woman thought outside of the box to get the attention of power crews and it has gotten a lot of laughs.

Kynse Agles created a big sign with hot pink letters that read "Hot, single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life."

"I thought that all of my neighbors would get a huge kick out of it," Agles said.

They did, and so did the power crews.

Not only did they restore Agles' power, but they responded by taking a photo in front of the sign with a note saying, "Power on due to your lineman."

Since the sign worked, other people in the neighborhood are asking Agles to borrow it to get their power back on.
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