Woman's cheeky engagement-style job offer photos go viral

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- A Long Beach woman announced she got a job in a very unique way, and it's become quite popular on social media.

After being laid off, Benita Abraham was unemployed for seven months, and she considered moving back to Texas if she couldn't find a job.

Then along came a job interview and an offer worth celebrating with a little help from her friends.

"Most 30-somethings that scroll through their social media are seeing a lot of the babies, the marriages. A lot of career-drive people have things to be excited about, too," Michael Decavallas said.

Abraham announced her new job on Facebook similar to an engagement, posing with the job-offer letter in creative ways. She posted cuddly photos in bed and posed with a mug letting everyone know she was off the job market.

The response on Facebook from people she knows and doesn't know has been overwhelming.

"They've all been so sweet, so supportive, saying 'congratulations. It's the best thing I've seen,'" Abraham said.

Abraham doesn't want to say the name of her new employer, but said they know about the posts she's made and they're understanding.

With more than 13,000 Facebook shares, her story is a gift that keeps on giving.
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