Red flag warning: What to do during dangerous fire conditions

A red flag warning issued by the National Weather Service indicates that temperatures, humidity levels, fuel moisture levels and wind speeds have formed favorable conditions for fires to rapidly spread.

This means that just a couple of sparks from a small campfire, for example, could ignite a brush fire that could then blossom into a larger wildfire.

The NWS typically issues red flag warnings when temperatures are 75 degrees or higher, wind speeds are 15 mph or greater and humidity levels dip to or below 25%, according to AccuWeather.

When a red flag warning is issued, you should practice extreme caution when dealing with or doing anything that does or could create sparks. Mowing could create sparks, and even the chains from a trailer can start a fire if they're dragging on the ground, so make sure they are all properly stored. Smokers should also be sure to dispose of all cigarettes appropriately.
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