6-year-old becomes honorary member of Delaware football team

NEWARK, Del. -- It was a big day for 6-year-old Danny Feltwell.

On Wednesday, he was assigned his own very own locker with the University of Delaware's football team.

It was only right for Danny to have his own locker. He's now number 26 and a very big part of this team.

"They've given my son the will to push forth and play and to see him today, you would never know," said Dan Feltwell, father.

You would never know that two years ago Danny was in the midst of a 17 month stay at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children being treated for a rare and very aggressive non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

The team adopted him through the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. Danny instantly fell in love with the game and the players on the team.

"They play with him and run on the football field with him and as a father that's all I ever wanted to see my son do - was to play, play like a child," said Feltwell.

He's especially close with his so-called big brother- fullback Ryan Cobb.

"I look at him and he's like my hero and then to have it be reciprocated feels real good also. He means more to me than I could ever explain," said Cobb.

In his time with the Blue Hens, Danny's shown amazing improvement. Now, his cancer is in remission.

His treatment caused some nerve damage and little Danny has some coordination problems, but his father says he is improving rapidly.

He credits the team and throwing the football around for that.

Recently, Danny even got to meet players from another favorite team - the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is an exciting week for the 6-year-old. On Thursday, he'll start first grade.

Then on Saturday, the Blue Hens take on Delaware State in their home opener.

That's when Danny will suit up in his new uniform and sit on the sidelines alongside the team he loves best - the team that loves him right back.
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