Andrew McCutchen on dreadlocks: 'Never bringing them back'

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Andrew McCutchen said he does not plan to regrow his dreadlocks, bristling at the idea that the long hair was his trademark.

McCutchen got his first haircut in eight years this past March and donated the dreadlocks to charity. Six months later, the Pirates star insisted that he will stick with his current hairstyle.

"Never bringing them back," McCutchen told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when asked about his old dreadlocks. "Never."

McCutchen, 28, made four All-Star teams and won a National League MVP award over his first six seasons in the majors. But he also became well-known for his dreadlocks, as evidenced by the social media reaction to his March haircut.

McCutchen batted just .194 in April this season, but still doesn't believe that his hair had anything to do with his slow start.

"All it was, for myself, was a haircut," McCutchen told the Post-Gazette. "I know for other people, it probably meant more because that was my trademark.

"But if my hair was my trademark, and that's the reason people know me, that means I suck at baseball."

McCutchen clearly has bounced back from his rough April, batting .293 with 22 home runs and 95 RBIs while leading the Pirates to their third consecutive postseason berth.

As for his hair, McCutchen plans to continue getting it cut every time the Pirates' team barber visits the clubhouse.

"An old but newfound thing for me," he said.