Jimmy Graham committed to blocking on runs to help Seahawks

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RENTON, Wash. -- Jimmy Graham realizes that with the Seattle Seahawks, blocking is a priority on par with making receptions.

"It's very important for me to be a part of that here because that's about 75 percent of the offense here, and if you have a back like [Marshawn Lynch], you want to be in there on those explosive runs and you want to be part of that," Graham said Monday.

Graham also knows that pass plays will no longer be static with Wilson as his new quarterback. One of Wilson's strengths has been his ability to improvise and keep plays alive when the blocking breaks down. Graham has spent time learning Seattle's scrambling rules and where exactly he needs to get on the field when quarterbackRussell Wilsongets out of the pocket.

"This offense, from what I've seen on film, when they're special, obviously it's when they're running the ball, but No. 2 it's when [Wilson's] extending plays like that," Graham said. "And for me, I love it, because normally I'm the biggest guy on the field, so hopefully I draw the most attention from him."

Because Seattle doesn't throw nearly as much as New Orleans, measuring Graham's success will largely come from his production as a third-down receiver and how he affects the Seahawks' red-zone production.

"Third-and-10 is when I'm going to make my money, and that's when I'm going to have to be special for this team," he said.

He's the biggest pass catcher on the field with the athleticism and body control that is rarely seen among tight ends.

"To have a guy like Jimmy Graham added on to our team and then the rest of the guys that we have as well, it makes it exciting," Wilson said. "It makes our offense really, really hard to stop and it's already been hard enough to stop."

Graham isn't winning at everything with the Seahawks. He lost, of all things for the former college hoops player, a basketball challenge in the Seahawks' team meeting on room Monday morning before hitting the practice field. Graham claimed it's because of the low ceiling affecting his shot.

"I felt like Shaq shooting. So, yeah, I actually lost today, Graham said. "Hopefully one day we can get a dunk contest in there, and I can guarantee I won't lose that one."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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