NBA All-Star players visits local students

DONGAN HILLS (WABC) -- This is a big weekend in Brooklyn, the NBA All-Star game is Sunday.

Some of the players took time to meet with some local students to stress the importance of an active lifestyle.

Mason Plumlee has other things to do on the morning in which he will play in the Rising Stars game, part of NBA All-Star Weekend. But he came to PS 52 in Staten Island Friday to talk to kids about getting up and getting out.

"It's really important to have a healthy lifestyle, to eat right, to get your sleep, and that really affects everything you do throughout the day," said Mason Plumlee, of the Brooklyn Nets.

The demands on the players this weekend are enormous, but Plumlee says this is important, that kids in the city have to make an effort to find safe and consistent recreation. Not like where he grew up in Indiana.

"It was harder to get us to come back in, to wash up and go to bed. Also, there's not a whole lot to do in Indiana so we just went out and played all the time," Plumlee said.

Plumlee spent more than an hour at the school and he wasn't the only one.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James, two of the league's biggest stars were all around the city Friday.

Four-time MVP LeBron James and possible future MVP Stephen Curry were at the Graphics Campus in Hell's Kitchen, also talking to kids about how to become an all-star.

"When you fail a couple of times you learn from those failures, you get back up stronger and you try to figure it out," said Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors.

And Plumlee was off to yet another group of kids, maybe thinking it's easier for them.

"There's no more fun time than being a kid because you don't really have any responsibility really, other than maybe a homework assignment or two, (Get out and enjoy it!) Yeah, exactly," Plumlee said.
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