Steve Spurrier joins Twitter

ByDavid Ching ESPN logo
Monday, March 2, 2015

Twitter gained a new must-follow celebrity on Monday.

South Carolina'sSteve Spurrier, one of the most quotable coaches in the history of college football, immediately generated online buzz by creating an account on the social media network.

Just before noon, he posted for the first time at the new account, @SC_HBC.

Later, in an interview with's Chris Low, Spurrier said, "I didn't know that it was that big a deal.

"Some of the assistant coaches here had been telling me I needed to do it and put some things out there like everybody else does. I'll put little messages out here and there. I guess people watch that Twitter all day. Some people do anyway. How could you have the patience to do that? I'm not going to be on it every day. I can promise you that," he said.

The Hall of Fame coach, who is famously technology averse, was known for using an old-school flip phone until recently. That's why so many college football observers seemed to be shocked when the 69-year-old Spurrier's account appeared.

His son and assistant coach, Steve Jr., confirmed the Head Ball Coach was the man behind the account, however.

Spurrier said he would use his Twitter account more to promote South Carolina.

"It's going to be more for promotional type stuff, maybe telling one of our players 'way to go' or something like that," Spurrier told Low. "I'm not big putting all my business on the street. I read a long time ago you're not supposed to put all your business on the street. So, hopefully, this can be a positive thing and we can get messages out to all the Gamecocks out there. Maybe something will come of it."

Asked if fans would see the unfiltered Head Ball Coach come out in his tweets, he said, "You won't see anything dramatic. I hope not anyway."