Third graders in Queens write inspiring letters to the Mets

FOREST HILLS, N.Y. (WABC) -- The Mets have plenty of fans cheering them on as they fight their way to the World Series.

They are getting an extra dose of encouragement from some third graders in Queens.

The 8-year-old students at PS 144 have been writing letters of motivation to the team and their teacher has been posting their inspiring words on Twitter.

What a great idea for a third grade lesson in letter writing, write the Mets!

The letters read:

"Dear New York Mets, we hope you win, great if you do."

"Half of population of New York State is cheering for you, if you are scared don't be."

"Be confident; hit the ball hard, we are rooting for you."

"Everybody's counting on you; I know you are amazing, confident too."

"If you win, we get no homework."

"I am a huge fan, good luck."

The letters were photographed and tweeted to the Mets, and the Mets tweeted back, "Thanks for the support!"

Their teacher wanted to take all of their excitement and support and put it on paper.

"Now motivated about the Mets, and wow, look at this! The Mets are writing we got this letter from the kids!" said Brad Lazarus, a 3rd grade teacher.

"Because of the success of the letter writing, they are much more engaged in the process," said Lois Olshan, a 3rd grade teacher.

"Kids with great gifts and great challenges, often in the same kid, and they can shine," said Reva Schneider, the Principal of PS 144.

But not everyone jumped right on board.

"I was really a Yankee fan, but then they lost and so the Mets won, and I decided to pull for them," a student said.

These kids are motivated and winning, writing about life and winning and losing.

"Everyone wants you to win, so do it!" wrote Lucy, a student.

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