Umpire gets booed for throwing bat away from Finn The Bat Dog

LAS VEGAS -- A minor league umpire was booed by baseball fans Tuesday night, not for making a bad call, but for interrupting the work of Finn The Bat Dog.

Finn is the official bat dog for the Las Vegas Aviators, the Triple-A Affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

During the Aviators' home opener, Finn was ready to do what he does best, go and fetch a bat left on the field by a hitter.

But when he walked over to grab it, the umpire snagged it first and threw it over to the side.

The umpire was met with a chorus of boos from the unhappy crowd.

The sports community was unimpressed with the umpire's actions.

"Sheesh, ump. Let Finn The Bat Dog do his job! Smh," Major League Baseball blog Cut4 said.

"We do not rest, we do not sleep until Finn the Bat Dog is allowed to do his job in peace," Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard tweeted.

As for Finn, he's not holding any grudges.

"Might be the loudest boo in the history of umpires. I still love you guys though!!" Finn's Twitter account read.

In conclusion, Minor League Baseball tweeted the unspoken rule, "Note: Don't take the bat away from @finnthebatdog; you will get booed."
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