Which players are ready to be All-Stars?

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Who's next?

That seems to be the never-ending question in the NBA, and for good reason -- there are a lot of young, talented players trying to elevate their game to join the pantheon of elite stars.

Among the 10 ascending players listed below -- all age 26 and under -- who do you think will be heading to Los Angeles to play in their first All-Star Game this season?

Swipe rightif you believe the up-and-comer will become an All-Star this season. Swipe left if you don't see it happening for the player.

Once you are done, the players will be ranked from 1-10 based on who received the most positive swipes.

The NBA All-Star Game is switching formats this season. Instead of the traditional Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference format, two captains -- the players who win the fan vote from each conference -- will select the teams from a pool of players deemed to be All-Stars.

--Isaac Chipps