Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez stars in fake cologne commercial

Power. Precision. Confidence.

These are the words used to describe a sweaty Gary Sanchez on the New York Yankees' official website, in an advertisement for a fake cologne line.

The black and white footage features the 24-year-old catcher putting on batting gloves and taking a few hacks in slow motion while a female narrator promotes the #IAMGARY fragrance. Sultry music plays in the background.

Yankees pitcher Adam Warren stars in the second half of the commercial, casually discovering the cologne in his locker. Upon taking a whiff, the right-hander is transported to a world that is anything but casual as he begins to ask himself the all-important question, "Who is Gary?"

As they say, looking good is half the battle.

But smelling good? Well, that's Gary.

-- Nick Ostiller
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