Yankees fans' confidence always remains strong

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Watch Yankee fans react year after year (WABC)

Whether it's the excitement of Aaron Judge or veteran players like CC Sabathia, the fan reaction seems to be the same. On any given day outside the stadium or walking anywhere in this city, if you ask a Yankee fan what their expectations are, the answer will be similar no matter what year it is.

Confidence and Yankee fans go hand in hand. The organization knows this as well. Creating a whole section inside the stadium located in right field called the Judge's Chambers is just an example of how the organization embodies the fans passion. Not to mention this is the same right field where the "Bleacher Creatures" yell roll-call in the top half of the first inning for every game. And they won't stop chanting the player's name until he acknowledges them with a simple wave.

The rumble of the number 4 train from above cannot drown out the fans reaction of how they're going to dominate every year. This is a team that hasn't won a World Series since 2009, and for Yankee fans, that's a long time. Of course, the Red Sox winning a title in 2013 hasn't made the drought any easier for the Yankee faithful.

Gone are the players who brought dominance in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, it's a new crop of young talent peppered in with some veteran leadership who will hopefully capture their 28th World Series title.

The fans, however, they haven't changed their expectations or their passion.

The Yankee tradition is one of winning, and these potential moments are what make the postseason run exciting. Hopefully, it ends with a parade down the Canyon of Heroes.
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