Still no stimulus? IRS says some eligible taxpayers won't get 2nd payment

CHICAGO -- The ABC7 I-Team is now learning that some people who are eligible for a second stimulus payment won't be receiving one.

The IRS says if you check your payment status online and you get a message that says "Payment Status #2 - Not Available" that means you will not receive a second stimulus payment.

The IRS says because of the speed at which the second payments were issued, some stimulus payments may have been sent to an account that may be closed or, is no longer active, or unfamiliar.

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Dozens are seeing their second stimulus check go into the wrong bank account. Here's why.

By law, the IRS says banks must return the payment to the IRS; they cannot hold and issue the payment to an individual when the account is no longer active.

The IRS says they also cannot change mailing information.

So what can you do if you moved or changed your banking information and don't end up getting a second payment?

The IRS says you can claim something called a recovery rebate credit on your 2020 taxes.

Tax expert Chad Elkins explained: "Well here's what it is. On your 2020 tax return, your form 1040, there's a new box that's going to let you enter what you were paid and if it was below what you should have been paid, it's going to let you reconcile that on the 2020 return. So, rather than getting a stimulus check, you'll get a credit on your tax return which could either increase your refund amount or decrease any amounts owed. What if you didn't receive a stimulus payment at all? If you didn't receive a stimulus payment at all, and you're eligible based on your adjusted gross income for 2020, you can just enter the amount in there and you'll get the credit."

For people who need the money as soon as possible, Elkins recommends getting your 2020 tax return filed as soon as possible.

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"The earlier you file, the earlier you're going to get your refund," Elkins said.

Elkin said he has faith that the IRS will get people the money they're owed come tax time, but many people need this money and can't bear to wait much longer.

The IRS says if you get a "please wait" message, that's normal and you should check the site for your payment status later on in the day.

But again, for those people who received that payment not available message, they'll unfortunately have to wait until tax time to file for the money they did not receive.

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