Exclusive video: Manhattan store owner chases attacker with chair after stabbing, robbery

Monday, January 23, 2017
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NJ Burkett has the latest.

KIPS BAY, Manhattan (WABC) -- Moments after he was stabbed in the chest and slashed across the face, the 78-year-old owner of a Manhattan dry cleaner chased his attacker down the street with a chair before giving up and calling 911.

The episode, seen from surveillance footage exclusively obtained by Eyewitness News, is somewhat distant but can be seen fairly clearly.

Watch the exclusive video here:

The NYPD said the victim was stabbed twice in the chest and slashed in the face during an attempted robbery at Apels Dry Cleaners on East 27th near the corner of Third Avenue in Kips Bay. The victim was taken to Bellevue hospital where he is expected to survive.

Customers said it's a shock. The trail of blood leads out the front door and down the street.

The attacker is described as a man in his 40s. No arrests have been made.