Students near terror attack scene in Lower Manhattan coping with tragedy

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Lauren Glassberg gets reactions from New Yorkers after the terror attack on the West End Highway. (Photo/Lauren Glassberg)

Students who attend schools near the scene of Tuesday's deadly terror attack are coping with the tragedy that unfolded there less than 24 hours earlier.

Those who go to the Borough of Manhattan Community College were rerouted -- directed to enter school through Washington Market Park instead of Chambers Street, which is still closed off for the investigation.

Betshy Gialt is a student there and she said she hoped school would have been closed. But since it wasn't she came in and will push on.

Students from Stuyvesant High School -- located Across the highway -- also felt trepidation Wednesday. Many saw the aftermath of the terror attack.

"I don't feel a danger walking around the crime scene, but after there will probably be a lingering sense of dread," student Raymond Lee said.

Some students came dressed in black to remember the victims. Grief counselors were also on hand at the school.

The neighborhood is a magnet for families and there are businesses in the area, like Citibank. The adjacent street was lined with police vehicles.

It was an unusual sight that reminded people of the 9/11 attack in the same part of Manhattan 16 years ago.
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