Veteran teacher has now watched two terror attacks from inside Stuyvesant High School

LOWER MANHATTAN (WABC) -- This week's terror attack in lower Manhattan marked the second time Bernard Feigenbaum spent hours sheltering in place from Stuyvesant High School which sits adjacent to the scene of the October 31 attack.

The incident marked the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

Feigenbaum, a statistics teacher, has been at the high school for nearly 20 years.

"It brought back direct memories of 9/11," Feigenbaum said. "If you had a classroom on this side you could see the World Trade Center. Those visions never go away."

Feigenbaum said the school has regularly trained for potential attacks since 9/11, and when the shelter in place order came through on Tuesday, he knew it was not a drill.

Feigenbaum said he was glad that this time students were mostly protected from witnessing the carnage directly.

"Those memories, they won't have," he said.

Feigenbaum added that he was impressed with how well teachers and administration worked together.

Feigenbaum said he kept just kept teaching statistics for hours.

"Something to take their mind off it. I mean they are going to be there anyway, so studying statsistics at least they are busy with their minds on something else, learning," Feigenbaum said.

Feigenbaum said students were let out on the side of the school opposite the scene so they did not have to witness it, and staff spread out along the most popular routes home to be a familiar face and students feel safe.

Two staff members and two students were injured when a bus was struck during the attack.

Feignebaum said students seemed to be coping well and added that counselors have been at the school to help.
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