It's literally 122 degrees in a New York City subway station

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In New York City, underground subway stations are a year-round source of warmth. On a hot summer day, the heat is almost unbearable.

Meteorologist Amy Freeze wanted to find out exactly how warm it was, so she took a measuring tool into a subway station Wednesday.

She checked out the A train line at noon in Manhattan. The result was 122 degrees with humidity being factored into the temperature. The above-ground feels-like temperature at the same time was 93 - a difference of 29 degrees!

The only hope for riders when it's this hot is that the train car they get in has working air conditioning.

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Freeze is checking out other locations around the city. Keep checking abc7NY for updates.

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One of the dangers of the heat is for children on playground equipment, which reaches dangerous temperatures in the summer.

When we tested artificial turf at Booker T. Washington Park on the west side of Manhattan Wednesday, the temperature registered a sizzling 167 degrees. It made it feel like it could melt shoes.

The slides and swings checked in at 120 degrees, which can burn skin. And it was the same with rubbers mats, which were 150 degrees.
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