Is summer coming back? Past record highs for New York City show it's been even warmer

ByStevie Borrello WABC logo
Friday, November 6, 2015
Central Park has had temperatures in the 70s this week.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The past few days in New York have reached the 70s, with Friday reaching a record high of 75 degrees, causing people to wonder how long they can enjoy going outside without a jacket. Past years have shown that warm weather in November isn't an unusual occurrence. So, the question everyone is asking is how long will the summer weather last?

Well, the current temperatures are not even close to some of the record highs in previous years for November.

In 1993, temperatures were well past 70 in mid-November, reaching all the way up to 80 degrees on Nov. 15, according National Weather Service data. That's hot enough to have people break out their shorts and tank tops again.

And 80 degrees isn't even the record high for November. November of 1950 started out as a hot one, with a high of 84 degrees on Nov. 1 and dropping by a mere degree to 83 on Nov. 2.

The end of November has also had record numbers in the high 60s and 70s, with Nov. 30 at a high of 70 degrees.

The temperature appears to be dropping later in the week, with highs in the 60s - still above the monthly average of 47.4 degrees. People will have to wear a light jacket, but at least they can enjoy their warm holiday drinks without sweat dripping from their foreheads.