Watch Sumos and Eat Sushi At this Immersive Dining Experience

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Enjoy Sumos while savoring sushi at this immersive dining experience
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Experience the very best of Japanese culture and cuisine!

Sumo+Sushi is an immersive event that combines great sushi with Sumo wrestling, for a night celebrating Japanese culture and cuisine.

How immersive you may ask? Just ask ABC's Karl Schmid, who stepped into the ring!

"It's an interactive dining experience that we put together to give people the opportunity to experience Sumo first hand, something that is usually pretty foreign to people here in America,"describes Producer Sam Minkoff.

"It gives them the chance to see live Sumo while eating sushi in their city," Minkoff explains.

The experience is hosted by Sumo legend Konishiki! "I am the first foreigner who became a champion in the world of Sumo," Konishiki tells the audience. Konishiki gives audiences an introduction into the history, culture and rules of the sport.

"Sumo has been around over two thousand years,"Konishiki details.

Guest have the opportunity to get in the ring and challenge any of the four Sumos to a live match.

On the Red Carpet's Karl Schmid, took on the challenge of taking down Sumo Toshiro with great honor and pride. Despite the disbelif of Karl's best friend, Karl tied Toshiro, before being flung to the ground in defeat by Toshiro. For more info visit Sumo + Sushi