Taco pizza is a hit at Tony Boloney's in Hoboken

HOBOKEN, New Jersey (WABC) -- It's not your typical pairing, but a New Jersey restaurant has cooked up the taco pizza.

Tony Boloney's in Hoboken has attracted a lot attention since debuting its taco pizza.

**Watch the video above to see how the taco pizza comes together**

A homemade tortilla is stuffed with carne asada brisket, mezcal-marinated steak and chicken. It's then stacked on top of a pizza.

So how do you eat this monstrosity? Michael Hauke the restaurant owner says you start with the taco. You have to dip it in the guacamole which is generously spread at the center of the pizza. Then once you finish with the taco, you polish it off with the slice of pizza that was underneath the taco.

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Hauke says it just takes one slice and you're done.

The taco pizza will cost you 80 bucks for a whole pie or $12 a slice.

It's available only on Tuesdays at the Hoboken location at 263 1st St.

They have a second location in Atlantic City at 300 Oriental Ave. The taco pizza is available there on Thursdays.
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