Texas man dies after swimming with new leg tattoo

TEXAS -- An unidentified Texas man died after he went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after he got a crucifix tattoo with the words "Jesus is my life" below it, according to a case study published last week.

According to the medical journal, BMJ Case Reports, the unidentified 31-year-old man was in the Gulf of Mexico five days after the procedure.

That's where he was infected by the bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus, which led to his hospitalization.

What was especially shocking to the researchers was how quickly the man's condition deteriorated: He went swimming five days after he was tattooed, and 24 hours after he was admitted to the hospital, he was on life support.

The case report notes that the 31-year-old suffered from chronic liver disease. He developed septic shock and died about two months later.

While most healthy people do not die as a result of vibrio vulnificus, the authors of the study did say the case report showed how dangerous infection can be for those with liver illnesses, as well as anyone who receives a tattoo.

One of the top rules after getting a new tattoo is to avoid swimming and bathing, because it's easy to pick up infections.

Even if you don't have chronic liver disease, doctors say it's important to follow safety recommendations after getting new ink.
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