Start your school year off right with these DIY teacher gift ideas

ByKat Cosley KTRK logo
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Shower your teacher with these DIY gift ideas
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As kids head back to class, a popular trend is to shower new teachers with gifts during the first week.

As kids head back to class, a popular trend is to shower new teachers with gifts during the first week.

There are so many creative ideas out there, but what better way to know exactly what teachers want than from a teacher?

After 13 years in the classroom, teacher and blogger Cara Carroll knows how much of an adjustment the first week of school can be for students and teachers.

"I don't think people really understand sometimes how much time teachers do put into their jobs, especially that first week back," Carroll said.

To help end the first week on a positive note, a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

"Gifts are not expected, but they are really appreciated when given," Carroll said.

She has shared cute gift ideas from her blog that you can recreate for $10 or less for your child's new teacher.

Back-to-School Survival Kit

This back-to-school ''survival kit'' will cost about $10.

Take a terra cotta planter and paint it with acrylic paint. Then you can personalize it with your teacher's name and a fun ribbon around the top.

Fill the pot with key staples that teachers will use. Carroll suggests Shout stain removal wipes, caffeine, chocolate and school supplies. Many of the items can be found at the dollar store or discount stores like Walmart and Target.

Use colorful tissue paper to fill the empty space. Embellish with a note of encouragement to your new teacher.

Depending on how elaborate you make the kit, it will cost around $10.

School Supplies Cake

This school supply caddy costs about $8-$10 and looks like a festive cake.

This idea is a take on a diaper cake that you may have seen at baby showers before. So many teachers stock classrooms from their own budgets, so this idea will get a lot of use.

You'll need two tissue boxes, markers, pencils, composition notebooks, and glue sticks. Hot glue is used to secure everything in place, as well as rubber bands and ribbons.

Depending on the size, it will cost you $8-$10.

Brownie Points

If your teachers like puns, they'll love this ''brownie points'' present.

For those with limited time, this idea requires very little assembly. It also adds a little humor for the teacher.

Take any brownie mix box and tie a wisk and spatula to the box with a cute ribbon. Attach a note that says, "Shooting for brownie points. Excited you are my teacher this year!"

The total cost is $4.50.

For more on Carroll's gift ideas and teacher tips, visit her blog.