Watch as this robot creates an impressive sand portrait of Walt Disney

A fun "entertainment" robot known as Beachbot recently created a stunning sand portrait of Walt Disney at Walt Disney World. (Disney Parks/YouTube)

Here's a robot with some seriously impressive drawing skills.

Beachbot is an autonomous robot that was designed at Disney Research Zurich. The robot is able to draw incredible large-scale sand images using a rake mechanism as it moves through sand.

After completing some cool images at the North Sea, the Beachbot team traveled to Disney's Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World to craft a stunning image of the animation pioneer himself. Watching the little robot rake its way across the beach is truly mesmerizing, as Disney's familiar face slowly appears in the sand.

"Beachbot can make many different kinds of drawings, but one thing it's good at is drawing face images," said Paul Beardsley, principal research scientist at Disney Research Zurich. Beardsley said that Beachbot is part of a new type of robotics called "entertainment" robots. One day you could see the device crafting beautiful images at your local beach.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Disney Research Zurich, Walt Disney Parks and this station.
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