Meet Light Phone 2, the social media-free anti-smartphone that could be a good choice for kids

NEW YORK -- As phones get flashier with better cameras, higher-resolution displays and more apps than ever, could an uber-simple device be a game-changer for our technology-loving society?

The team behind Light Phone thinks so, and their minimalist device is getting a lot of attention for eschewing standard conventions of cell phone design and function. Their product comes with a black-and-white matte screen and a stripped-down set of features that's more on par with a phone designed in 1998 than one from 2018.

The newly announced model follows in the footsteps of the original Light Phone, which was an even more pared-down telephone capable of making and receiving calls.

While still extremely minimalist, the Light Phone 2 has added features like text messaging and an alarm clock. The team behind the phone says they are mulling adding additional features like GPS directions, ride-sharing services, weather forecasts and music.

They pledge, however, to never add social media, advertising, email or news apps to the phone.

While the idea might seem like sacrilege to some, it's resonating with a group of nearly 3,000 backers who have contributed more than $800,000 to the project's Indiegogo campaign.

Among those who could benefit from the stripped-down device are parents who want their children to have a phone but also want to protect kids from the dangers of the internet.

"The lack of internet browser and social media alleviates a lot of fears in parents. Unlike a flip phone, however, to children the Light Phone is still seen as 'cool' amongst their peers," Light co-founder Joe Hollier told ABC News. "We have been working with parents on the idea of a parental app to support their child's Light Phone 2 as well."