Texas school bus driver fired after not noticing 3 drunk women riding with kids

Thursday, September 3, 2015
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SAN ANTONIO -- A school bus driver in Texas was fired and three women face charges after the women allegedly boarded a bus filled with middle-school students and rode to school, officials said.

The alleged incident occurred last Friday on a bus from the North East Independent School District in San Antonio.

The three women, all in their 20s, were allegedly intoxicated when they were caught-on-camera boarding the bus filled with children, the unconventional riders apparently slipping right past the bus driver and taking two seats in the back the bus. One of them sat next to a middle school boy for the entire 30-minute commute.

"Clearly the bus driver wasn't paying attention to who was walking down the row of seats," district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor said. "It's obviously difficult at the beginning of school with new faces, but regardless, this was a big mistake."

After arriving at the school, two women are able to slip by the driver again, but when the third tried, he realized that she wasn't a student. Parents were outraged.

after all...

"How do three drunk grown women get on the bus?" mom Vicki Holden asked. "Why?"

The veteran bus driver is now fired, and the women are charged with criminal trespass. One was also cited for possessing alcohol on school property, and another charged with assault after allegedly grabbing a student's arm before the now infamous ride.

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