'The Simpsons' Harry Shearer leaving show after 26 seasons

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Thursday, May 14, 2015
Harry Shearer, voice actor on "The Simpsons," poses at V&A Hollywood Costume Dinner at V&A Museum on Tuesday October 16, 2012 in London.

Not excellent.

Harry Shearer, the voice behind Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, and Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, announced on Wednesday that he would be leaving the long-running animated series after 26 seasons. Shearer said that the departure came from his desire to do outside work.

Shearer, 71, has been one of the show's primary voice actors, giving way to dozens of characters over the series' 26 seasons. Shearer was offered a guaranteed $14 million to continue through the 27th and 28th seasons, according to CNN.

While the voice cast of the The Simpsons has been involved in contract disputes over the years, this is the first time that one of the show's main voice actors has left.

Showrunner Al Jean stated that Shearer's characters would be recast, according to CNN.