Tamron Hall talks about her new talk show, 'The Tamron Hall Show'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- By any measure Tamron Hall's life has been remarkable: She was born poor in Texas, the daughter of a teen mom. Hall started in television right after high school and rose to the top of the business, only to miss out on the top job she'd always wanted. But now she is back, living a better life than she could ever have imagined.

She's a familiar face who is reintroducing herself, online with "Localish," in print, and on GMA where Hall confessed she was nervous. Really? After a quarter-century on TV?

But she also knows folks are rooting for her.

"People treat you like family, and I felt like the family member who had gone away for a while, and you're hopeful that your plate is still there, you know, that your seat is still there, but you don't know; and you walk in, and it's like the old sitcom, 'Honey, I'm home,'" she said.

Hall will be back in our homes this fall on her new talk show, less than three years after she left a job where she made history.

"Look, I became the first black woman to host 'The Today Show,' I am not complaining about the journey," Hall said.

Turns out, the loss of her job gained her so much more.

"Don't be afraid of losing something, and that's what I learned at age 46. The biggest fear I had at the time was losing my job. And, I lost it, and I got back up, and I didn't know it was going to turn into a talk show, I had no idea," Hall said.

All this came after love, marriage and a baby carriage.

"Did you have to lose your job to find love?" Sandy Kenyon asked.

"A hundred percent, I did," she said.

Stephen Greener was a friend.

"Losing my job allowed me to see my husband for who he is," Hall said. "It was a retraining of my mind to be more engaged to this person who had always been in front of me, and now we're laughing over pizza, and suddenly pizza turns to love, and love turns to marriage, and marriage turns to baby, and there we are."

Hall likes to say we all have a story to tell, and she has so many.

"My husband said if you bring your real self, everything will be OK," she said.

The idea says Hall, is to put herself out there to talk about her journey so her guests and members of her audience will feel comfortable talking about what's happened to them.

"The Tamron Hall Show" debuts September 9th on Channel 7.

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