Kids are the stars of 'Pips Island', an interactive theater experience in Chelsea

CHELSEA, Manhattan (WABC) -- New York City has no shortage of theatrical productions, but when it comes to kids, getting them to sit still isn't always easy.

But now there's a production where the kids are the stars, and they're encouraged to move.

It's up and running while your kids are on winter break.

The children get into costume, donning explorers vests for a journey to Pips Island.

"We didn't actually look at this as a show, we see it as an immersive adventure where kids are on a mission and they really are the stars of the journey," said Rania Ajami, a New York City based filmmaker and mother of two, whose own children were the inspiration for Pips Island.

"The sweet spot is ages 4-11 but we feel that what we've created is also inspiring and fun for older kids and hopefully even for the parents," she said.

As the children move from one room to the next, they encounter plenty of characters who encourage them to engage.

There's also animation and puppets, and the children help move the story along according to Camerus Johnson, who plays the character Finn.

"There are some points when we have the plot points that we want them to hear, but for the most part we want them to be talking, we want them to give us suggestions because everything they say depends on what we should do next," said Johnson.

A badge on their vests lights up when the children complete each task, another cool effect among so many.

The experience lasts an hour, the perfect amount of time for short attention spans and squirmy children. And when it's over, the children leave feeling like they've accomplished something

Pip's Island is housed in an enormous space in Chelsea. It runs through January 8th and will find a new home in the spring.

There are books, videos and other live action experiences to come as well.
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