Workout on water at Tmpl Gym's 'Holy Water' class

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- Most gyms have strength classes, but one gym in the New York area is taking some of those classic workouts and putting them on water.

You've got to get into the water for this class at Tmpl Gym, but then you need to stay above water on an aquabase, a floating exercise mat.

"This adds a whole new dimension just being on the water. It really creates that unstable surface," said Bryan Jarret, Tmpl Gym. "You're forces to stabilize just to keep yourself upright, so it's an amazing core workout."

Jarrett leads the class that emphasizes strength training and high intensity intervals.

So once you get a sense of how to balance with low intensity moves, he starts to crank it up.

Modified burpees progress to regular burpees, but it is so much harder than doing them on dry land.

Mountain climbers are so much more challenging and jump squats could do you in rather quickly.

But being ripped doesn't mean you'll stay afloat. Sometimes the bigger the muscles, the harder you fall.

"We have certain exercises where we try to make you fall off the board because that's half the fun," Jarret said.

Just about anything you can do on dry land they try on the aquabase.

But that water element makes regular exercise so much more exciting, and nerve wracking, and intense.

After a workout like this a little dunk is refreshing!

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