2 New Jersey Transit buses collide in the Lincoln Tunnel; at least 28 injured

NEW YORK (WABC) -- At least 28 people were injured, one seriously, when two New Jersey Transit buses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel Monday morning.

All lanes in the center tube were temporarily closed as a result of the crash.

Authorities say a bus on the 127 line from Ridgefield to the Port Authority Bus Terminal with 33 passengers on board rear-ended a bus on the 128 line from North Hudson Park in Fairview to the Port Authority just before 9 a.m.

The second bus was full, with 56 passengers on board. The two drivers brings the total people involved to 91.

"People were bleeding everywhere," passenger Emily Sorokes said. "People had broken noses, chins."

Sorokes was lucky, saying her her bag cushioning the impact as her bus smashed into the rear of the other.

"The woman next to us had a broken wrist," she said. "Everyone needed ice packs."

Both buses were removed by 10:25 a.m., but motorists heading into New York City faced major delays.
Michelle Charlesworth spoke with one of the passengers:

Port Authority Superintendent Michael Fedorko said a bus in the left lane made a quick shift into the right lane, and the bus coming up behind did not have time to stop.

"Our bus driver couldn't stop because he didn't have enough time," passenger Josh Sibenik said. "So he was going about 35 or 40 and rear ended the other bus."

Ten passengers were taken to area hospitals, with the most significant injuries being a broken jaw and broken arm. One of the passengers had a preexisting brain injury that resulted in a seizure.

"Most of the people who saw it coming, they just saved themselves by putting their legs in front," passenger Reeshabh Agrawal said.

First responders set up a triage area outside the tunnel, where they were better able to treat the injured. Officials say 34 people refused medical attention.

Three summonses were issued to the driver in the first bus for improper lane change, careless driving and unsafe lane change. null
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