7 On Your Side sorts out construction zone confusion in Queens

RIDGEWOOD, Queens (WABC) -- Customers of Thiago Sanunga's Barbershop on Cypress Avenue in Queens don't complain about their haircuts.

Their beef is that ten parking spots right out front got cut. Temporary construction signs went up before a self storage facility was built, taking up precious parking in the congested neighborhood.

"It's real inconvenient, I have to make sure I come early, then I can come over and open up the shop," said Sanunga, who also runs a retail clothing shop at the location.

A local public school teacher says construction has been over for almost a year, yet they still can't park on an entire side of the block

"It's annoying to say the least," complains Helen Baker. "This takes away a big chunk of parking for us." The teacher says the parking restrictions turned the morning commute into a nightmare.

On one block adjacent to Cypress, someone spray-painted over two temporary construction signs but the one on Cypress keeps drivers away, afraid of getting a fat ticket.

A photo from Google Earth snapped in June shows the building was finished in September when school began.

Helen says she complained to the NYPD, 311 and the DOT. "I don't know who else to talk to to get these signs taken down so that's why I reached out to you!" she said.
So we contacted the DOT. That very afternoon, there was fresh paint for legal parking and the next day the signs vanished.

"Thank you so much for getting it done so fast!" says Helen.

"This is great, now my customers can come for their haircuts right out front!", said Thiago.

The construction company told us they took the signs down after the city called and requested it.

They said there wasn't a delay - they only got a final certificate of occupancy a couple of weeks ago.

The city DOT said it fined the construction company $750 for not taking down the signs, saying it is responsible for taking them down.


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