Flying ladder smashes into windshield on Las Vegas highway

LAS VEGAS -- A driver in Las Vegas had the fright of her life and it was caught on camera.

A ladder hit her windshield as she was driving on the highway.

Video obtained by KTNV-TV shows the ladder go airborne seconds after a van in front of the vehicle drove over it.

Madi Nelson said she was just about to take an exit when it happened.

"From across the right lane, the ladder kind of rolls and everyone else kind of rolls over it. I was in the far left lane, so I was just able to get over to the emergency lane. I threw my hazards on and I was just trying to figure out what just happened," Nelson said.

Nelson said the worst part is that she's a college student and can't afford the repairs.

She said it would be nice if the person who owns the ladder comes forward.
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