Passaic Mayor Hector Lora starts #NachoSpacePassaic against saving parking spaces

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Anthony Johnson has the story.

Finding and keeping a good parking spot is one of the biggest headaches of the winter, and many people attempt to reserve their space with a chair or a parking cone.

Now, a local mayor is taking to social media to jokingly shame some drivers in a very unconventional way.

You name it, and residents have used it to let others know not to park in spaces where snow has been removed. It's not hard to find garbage cans, milk crates, high chairs, baby strollers, kids toys, kitchen chairs, folding chairs, beach chairs and handicapped chairs holding a spot.

"It's not reasonable for you expect that you're going to lay claim to public space for eight to 12 hours while you leave to work," Passaic Mayor Hector Lora said.

On Thursday night, Lora went out in the cold and posted a video on Facebook showing his unique method to get out his message.

He said he had to resort to levity to get the word out to residents, and that they understood his message.

"It's hard to see after all your hard work, someone takes your spot," Sally Martinez said. "And it's like, all that hard work, and you have to do it again."

One person had even put out a garbage bag full of trash to hold a space, which Lora said makes the city look ugly. And when it's dragged out into the street, it becomes a traffic hazard.

"Someone put out old washing machines," he said. "I don't know if they figured they'd get a two for one. 'I'll save this space, but if the city takes it, great. I got rid of it, right?'"
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