Dangerous toys? Check this important list from NYPIRG

NEW YORK (WABC) -- This is the 32nd annual "Trouble in Toyland" report coming from the independent New York Public Interest Research Group aka NYPIRG.

At the top of the list? A fidget spinner that Target stores took off of shelves on November 10. It is called the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass. It tested at 300 times the legal limit for lead in children's products.

One bizarre thing about the fidget spinner craze is that a lot of spinners fell through the cracks because they were not marketed as toys per se, they were marketed as relaxation tools for the general public.

NYPIRG wants the "Fidget Wild Premium" spinners recalled so that the ones in people's homes are thrown away.

As is always the case, NYPIRG warns parents about small parts or toys that could choke a child and even tiny balloons that could be ingested or breathed in by small children, blocking a windpipe.

If a tiny toy or toy part is so small that it fits into inside a toilet paper tube, it is too small for a child age 3 years or younger.

As we all know, children put things in their mouths.

The good news, NYPIRG says, is that things seem to be getting better across the toy industry as far as child safety is concerned, and that parents have more resources and clout than ever.

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