2 Muslim sisters say postal worker harassed them and spat on them

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Two Muslim sisters are making some disturbing allegations against a U.S. Postal worker in Brooklyn.

The man in the post office uniform came frighteningly close to the two Muslim women, one of whom was with her baby. He appeared to be yelling at them, but it got even worse.

"The man with a postal uniform approached them, harassed them and even spat on them," said Sadyuia Khalique, of CAIR.

The women are so frightened; they step into a deli for safety. But the man in the postal service uniform followed them in.

"Telling them 'I'm going to bomb your temple,' and when he followed them inside the Yemeni grocery store after the customers there pushed him out, he told them, 'I'm waiting outside, come so I can attack you,'" Khalique said.

"He makes a lot of noise all the time," said Jamaal Abdulla, a resident.

Abdulla knows the postman who delivers mail in the neighborhood. He says the postal worker often buys beer during the day and yells obscenities. He says the women were terrified.

"The lady was shaking when she came in to the store, the lady started shaking from the guy," Abdulla said.

Many people in the neighborhood recognized the man, and police arrested 34-year-old Dainton Coley. Coley is now facing hate crime charges.

The Postal Service Police helped detectives identify Coley.
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