Victim of 'heart attack' now a possible homicide victim

QUEENS VILLAGE,Queens (WABC) -- A Queens man who was first thought to be the victim of a heart attack is now, police reveal, the victim of a homicide.

Hard-working Ronald Dhanraj Mangra, 68, was returning from the market on January 3rd around 8:30 in the evening along Jamaica Avenue in Queens Village. At first, police thought he had a heart attack when he was found near 207th Street. He later died.

"I could never believe that," says his wife, Bibi Mangra. "He was a healthy strong person."

"Now it is time to enjoy his retirement and he is gone," added Bibi. Her husband Ronald will not be able to enjoy his retirement, his life cut short. "It's not fair," says Bibi.

Now, an autopsy reveals Ronald's injuries were not consistent with a fall and police believe he was injured during a robbery and left to die. His cell phone and wallet were missing.

"I want justice because he work all his life and it was time now for him to enjoy his life and they take him away." Bibi says. "That is not fair to get death like this."

Ronald, Bibi and their five children emigrated from Guyana in 2005. He eventually became a United States citizen and worked as a security guard. He and Bibi were married for 46 years. "He was a hard working person. Very hard working, taking care of his children." says Bibi. "He was a good husband."
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