Pair of thieves in Queens bump victim's car, then take off in it; victim speaks out

SOUTH OZONE PARK, Queens (WABC) -- Police in Queens released new video of a "bump and carjack" scam, where a woman's car was rear-ended and while she was out of the vehicle exchanging information with the other driver, a man jumps in her car and steals it.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, spoke to Eyewitness News about the terrifying ordeal.

"I was slowly driving slowly when I heard somebody hit me from the back behind," the victim said.

It seemed like a minor fender bender at first, until things took an unexpected turn for this 74-year-old near 109th Avenue and 120th Street in South Ozone Park last Tuesday.

"I said, 'No, I have to call the police because it's a new car 2017,'" the victim said.

Too frightened to show her face on camera, she recalls trying to write down the license plate of the white sedan that struck her when the driver suddenly became hostile. The video shows him turn his back and push her out the way, while his female companion runs to the driver seat.

"When I heard her get in the car, I said they have to run away," the victim said.

This sparked a foot race back to the victim's car, but a final shove from the suspect left her stranded in the middle of the road as both cars pulled off.

"He go from the other side and he was faster than me," the victim said. "He pushed me, get in the car and ride away."

Police believe this bold carjacking may be connected to another that occurred in Astoria two weeks ago. A 73-year-old man was parking his car when he was approached by two men in another vehicle. One of the suspects accused the victim of hitting his car and when he got out to look, he was pushed to the ground while the other suspect captured in this video jumped into his car and drove off.

"It's very scary," the victim said. "I hope they catch these bad people."

Detectives are now searching their files for other cases of elderly people being hit and carjacked and asking anyone who recognizes the suspects captured in these pictures to give them a call.
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