Video shows Illinois inmate attacking correctional deputies

CHICAGO -- The Cook County Sheriff's Office released a video Thursday of a violent encounter in a Cook County Jail hallway.

In the video captured August 24, 31-year-old Austin Allen attacked multiple officers. At least a dozen officers struggled to subdue Allen, who was in prison on counts of domestic battery.

"Often times detainees act impulsively, and that's why the field of corrections can be dangerous," said Cook County Jail Executive Director Nneka Jones Tapia.

Officials said that Allen had entered an unauthorized area before the attack. The video showed Allen continuing to struggle even after an officer used pepper spray on him. Allen eventually brought the officers to the ground.

Officers were unable to cuff Allen and backed off. When Allen got back to his feet, officers threatened him with more pepper spray. Allen then charged and beat one of the officers.

The other officers punched Allen, some of the blows landing on his head, before the prisoner was subdued.

"I don't know what precipitated the event, and hopefully that will come out in the investigation," Tapia said.

Three officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, officials said. Allen has been charged with aggravated battery.
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