Man from the Bronx fed up with severe backyard flooding during rainstorms

EAST TREMONT, Bronx (WABC) -- Every time it rains, the backyard of Naresh Singh's home turns into a small lake. He is fed up, but doesn't blame Mother Nature alone for the problem. The culprit, he says, is on the other side of the block.

"Every time I have that heavy downpour like today, my backyard looks like the Mississippi River," says Singh.

Singh says it only takes five minutes for his backyard to completely flood. The sandbags he lays out are pretty much worthless against Mother Nature.

"Everything is brown, and my kids can't come outside to play," he adds.

The water even rushes into Singh's garage at home on Virginia Avenue in the East Tremont section, and whatever the stuff is that comes with the disgusting.

"When this stuff dries, it's like clay. Heavy stuff. You can't get it out that easily, you gotta scrub it out," Sing says.

The flooding started about a year ago when the five-story school began construction behind his backyard. A retaining wall was supposed to go straight to the back of Singh's house, but it was not put up yet.

Construction of PS317X is slated to be finished by next year, and Singh says he can't wait that long.

"I'm getting tired of my backyard getting flooded. I want my backyard back, I don't want to see this brown stuff no more," he says.
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