Canada man builds homemade snow plow to shovel his drive

Dan Comeau of Canada shared a demonstration of his homemade snow plow in action. (YouTube/Dan Comeau)

A Canada man decided it was too cumbersome to shovel a path for his van every time it snowed. So he set to work creating his own solution: a homemade snow plow.

The fully functional plow was put together using recycled parts like a street sign and a bench press, according to creator Dan Comeau. He said the contraption cost him less than $200, and it works "a whole lot better than having to shovel it by hand."

Comeau first posted about his homemade snow plows in 2012 when he demonstrated what he called the "cheapest snow plow ever built," which employed a block of wood and set him back a whole $2.

Since then, he's been upgrading his plows through do-it-yourself projects. He said his current plow costs less than $200. He just added wings to make the snow collection more efficient.

These snow plows are an example of how you can solve your own problems with a little creativity and elbow grease, Comeau said, and he hopes it will inspire others to try to think of new solutions.

"If you give yourself a chance, you can sometimes find the answers to your own problems without having to run to the store," he said. "I hope you go out and do a little bit of tinkering and make your life a little bit easier."
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