Local news station to students: Stop trying to get a snow day by pretending to be your school on Twitter

Kids are getting creative these days when it comes to trying to get out of school, and at least one student took to Twitter to try to create a fake a snow day.

Despite the high snowfall predictions as the East Coast prepares for a major winter storm, students in Chattanooga, Tennessee, did not want to leave their snow days up to chance. After receiving a tweet from a student pretending to be her school district calling off classes, ABC affiliate WTVC NewsChannel9 decided to publicly call out the prankster.

WTVC clarified that, rather than taking the effort to create a fake account belonging to a "school official," the prankster simply tweeted from her own account hoping it would work.

The station also revealed that some schools stick to even more old-fashioned methods of communicating their closings, so old, in fact, the students probably wouldn't know how to work them.

And, despite WTVC's best efforts, those pesky kids kept it up.

While Chattanooga students might have to show up Friday morning, most students in the area won't have to worry about faking school days to get out early. The area's school closings list has several early dismissals, including more than a dozen school districts. At least they'll have WTVC's amusing tweets to keep them occupied.
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