Wedding dress found in rubble of fire that destroyed everything

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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Everything inside a home in Annaville, Texas was destroyed. Or so the family thought, until they found the wedding dress.

ANNAVILLE, Texas -- Jamie Humphrey is supposed to get married at the end of the month, but tragedy struck when nearly everything in her mother and step-father's house was destroyed in a fire. As they sorted through the charred remains, though, she discovered one important item remained intact: her wedding dress.

Cameras were rolling when the miraculous discovery was made. Her step-father, Robert Hull, was talking to ABC affiliate KIII-TV about the fire when he realized the dress had been found.

Humphrey pulled the dress from its cover, holding back tears. She was asked about the condition of the dress, which still looked white as can be.

"It can be dry-cleaned," she said, her voice cracking. "It's OK! We can clean it."

The Corpus Christi Fire Department isn't yet sure what caused the Tuesday fire that damaged the structure of the house, though Hull told KIII-TV it could have been an electrical malfunction. The home has been in the family since 1959, he said, and he enjoys spending time there with his six grandchildren.

"It's more than just a place where you sleep," he said.

The family does not have insurance and said they will be strapped financially with Humphrey's wedding coming up. Humphrey, though, is keeping it in perspective.

"My wedding dress is saved, thank God," she said through tears. "And thank God my step-dad and my mom are OK. That's the only thing that's important, is my family's OK."