7 things to do protect your home during the winter

Here's 7 ways you can prepare your home for winter, save money and prevent damage.

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#1. Change the furnace filter and vacuum the dust in and around your heating unit it takes just a few minutes whether you do it yourself..or hire a professional.

#2. Insulate your attic, so hot air stays inside and doesn't escape through the roof.

#3. Close chimney flue
when not in use

#4. Make sure you outdoor outlets are protected from the elements so they don't short out.

#5. Unplug hoses, turn off water supply to pipes running along the outside of your home, and drain the pipes to avoid costly bursts which lead to floods. Here is a report on how to protect your pipes:
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#6. Roof leaks and flood damage can also be prevented by clearing gutters and making sure water drains away from your homes foundation.

#7 Another nifty trick, reverse ceiling fans to save money on heating costs. The reverse motion push hot air back down into living spaces, making your winter cozier, For 7 on your side, Nina Pineda channel 7 Eyewitness News.
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