WATCH: Woman livestreams bear peeking in her window

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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One woman came face to face with a bear without ever leaving her home.

NAVARRE, FL -- One woman came face to face with a bear without ever leaving her home and she used Facebook Live to show the entire encounter minute-by-minute.

Angie Pope's video shows the small black bear walking around her yard in the Florida Panhandle while she and her children watch from the window. During the nearly eight minute long video, the bear climbs up to the side of the house, stares back at the family, tries to eat tomatoes in Pope's garden and even slaps the window!

"This bear has got some balls," Pope can be heard saying in the video while laughing. "He's just in my yard."

However, her children who are 11-months-old and 3-years-old, did not think it was funny. When the bear slapped the window, you can hear both children crying loudly in the background while Pope does her best to reassure the kids they are safe.

"He can't get in the house," said Pope. "Mommy has a shotgun and mommy will shoot him."

Pope told WEAR-TV, she felt like the bear "locked eyes" with her.

Pope said her video hardly does justice to the feeling of seeing the bear up close.

"I kind of wanted to pet behind his ears," Pope told WEAR-TV. "I wouldn't because he has big teeth and claws."

Pope's post has been shared more than 200 times and viewed nearly 17,000 times.