Report: Growing number of women out-earning husbands

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WASHINGTON (WABC) -- Who makes more money, you or your spouse? That simple question can be a grenade in a relationship.

The number of women outearning their husbands is on the rise, with a White House report showing that in 2013, 24 percent of working women earned more than their husbands.

In 1970, that number was 7 percent.

One reason for the dramatic shift has been a surge in education levels among women.

But differences in income can lead to a power struggle in a relationship, as the person with a bigger paycheck often has more control over the household.

Money is often cited as a leading cause of divorce.

And when a woman out-earns her male partner, there are questions about how to handle financial problems caused during unpaid maternity leave.

Heed some common financial advice if income inequality is a problem for you: Do some research, make financial plans and then use those to avoid potential conflict.