Child rushed to hospital after being shot in leg in Yonkers

YONKERS, New York (WABC) -- A 4-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Yonkers on Saturday night.

The child's father tells Eyewitness News that the bullet ricocheted in her upper thigh. Doctors say that at this point, taking that bullet out will do more harm than good.

"She was walking to the store, it was three buildings apart. It's not really far, but it seems like this was a gang war," said the child's father, who did not want to be identified.

Three buildings down seemed harmless enough for the 4-year-old walking alongside her mother to the store.

"My family was walking, and somebody started to shoot," said the father.

The gunshots came from out of nowhere just after 5:00 on Saturday evening on Saturday evening on Willow Street, striking the child in her right leg. The family is so rattled that they did not want to show their faces or use their names.

Police do not know who the shooter is, or know what led to the gunfire. There are reports that three men ran from the scene after the shooting.

The girl's father says she was bleeding all night, and the bullet still remains inside her leg.

Police also say there was a second person injured in the shooting - an 18-year-old boy who was grazed on the ankle. He is expected to be okay.
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