Mom seriously delivers on 3-year-old's wish for a poop-themed birthday party

Friday, April 14, 2017 05:02PM
This mom pulled out all the stops for her daughter's poop-themed birthday.

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With all the birthday party one-upmanship going on these days, it's so nice to see one mom just let it all go to crap. In a good way.

Rebecca, mom of 3-year-old Audrey, has always thrown creative birthday parties for her little girl. In fact, Audrey's first birthday party was a Beatles theme. "When she was cranky, my husband would always play them for her and she would instantly be happy," Rebecca tells Babble.

For her second birthday party at a pumpkin patch, Rebecca admits she "went a little crazy," wanting every detail to be perfect. "I seriously almost cried that the tablecloths they had didn't match the decorations I had brought. So ridiculous! Audrey could have cared less, so I should have too."

Needless to say, when Audrey turned three in October, the pressure was on once again. But that's when Audrey dropped a bomb - she wanted the theme to be poop.

Yup. Poop.

Image source: Rebecca M

"Like any kid, she wanted a birthday about something she likes. She just happens to really, really like poop. I don't think it ever even occurred to her that it was a strange request. I have NO idea where the initial interest in poop came from," says Rebecca.

Despite her efforts to steer Audrey towards other ideas, it became clear that this little girl was not about to give up on her dream. "Whenever the subject of her birthday would come up, it was always 'poop balloons and a poop cake,'" Rebecca recalls.

So what did this mom do? What anyone with a sense of humor would - she cast aside any doubts about how it would look, and simply made it happen.

"Honestly, once we decided to do it, we were just excited about how happy she would be," says Rebecca.

From there, Rebecca threw herself into the project. She scored an amazing poop-shaped piñata (from Etsy, of course) and filled it with chocolate candy:

Image source: Rebecca M

Her husband drew this "Pin the Poop" game board to entertain guests:

Image source: Rebecca M

And she even wore this awesome poop costume on the big day!

Image source: Rebecca M

Naturally, the partygoers all thought it was hilarious. The event was a total success and Audrey was absolutely thrilled.

Image source: Rebecca M

Now the question is, what kind of birthday party does she want next year?

Says Rebecca, "My mom is afraid of mice, so Audrey just told her today that she wants a mouse party."

Hmm. Kind of hard to say no at this point.

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