Goat Yoga: The wild new exercise craze

Friday, June 02, 2017 10:55AM
Combine yoga with goats for an unforgettable experience

DURHAM, North Carolina - Yoga is all about discipline, focus and unbreakable concentration. It brings about quiet relaxation through different poses and movements. So a natural addition to this peaceful practice is a handful of untrained farm animals.

Goat Yoga emerged to serve the droves of women hoping to escape kids jumping on their backs all day by taking an exercise class where kids jump on their backs.
Baby goats enjoy practicing yoga

All kidding aside, the new Goat Yoga craze is selling out classes all across the country. Yoga practitioners try to Cat Cow and Downward Dog while little Nigerian Dwarf goats amble around, climb on their back, and sometimes lay right in their way.
Goats participate in yoga class

The idea behind the trend is that Goat Yoga is not just fun, it has true therapeutic benefits. Having a good giggle at a goat staring you in the face or licking your neck can help heal what ails you.
Goats participate in yoga
Hux Family Farm in Durham, near Falls Lake, has jumped hoof-first into the bizarre trend. The goats, with a haughty ignorance of personal space, will not hesitate to leap onto a participant's back and lick the sweat off your face. The babies enjoy a good cuddle and will leap into your lap to do so.
Goats cuddle during yoga

If cuddling a baby goat counts as exercise, sign us up.
Goat yoga is a peacful practice for some

Classes are $15, but if you want to share a more profound experience with these spiritual quadrupeds, Hux Farm offers private classes for up to 15 people at $300 per class.

Hux Farm is located at 1923 Shaw Road in Durham.
Goats practicing yoga
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