2 Houses in Queens Put On Incredible Halloween Light Show

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Neighbors in Queens create elaborate Halloween display (WABC)

With a synchronized light show, gory zombies dancing in the windows and front lawns filled with animatronic spiders and werewolves, two neighbors in Queens have taken Halloween decorating to another level.

The light show, synced to music and timed to work between both houses, is the work of Daniel Gael an architect and his neighbor a mechanical engineer.

"We put our minds together and that's how it happens," said Gael. "With that background it helps us understand the concept and how everything works."

Inside each of the houses, huge electronic panels control the show which can be turned on and off via a smartphone.

Gael's passion for decorating takes inspiration from his Dad's wholesale decoration business.

"I was 9 or 10 years old, and I used to decorate the store, and I used to decorate my father's house and the tradition stayed on with my kids," Gael said.

The two neighbors build many of the elements themselves like a huge crate that shakes on demand and a frightening looking clown that sets of an air canon as people walk by.

Doorways feature innocent looking portraits that dissolve into menacing monsters and fog crawls between the houses. All of it set to pulsating beats of contemporary hits and classics like Michel Jackson's Thriller.

And for Gael, the best part is seeing kids from the neighborhood enjoy the decorations.

"When they come and look at this they feel like there are in a different place," he said. "They are still in New York and Queens, but it makes them feel like they are in a different world."
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